A Sickening Sequence of Events…


So this is where we’re at in the national political discourse.

A black man is ejected from a Donald Trump rally.

A country folk white man punches the black man in the face.

The black man is the one thrown to the ground and subdued by police.

The country folk white man is interviewed afterwards, and literally says, I kid you not, “Yes, he deserved it, and the next time we see him, we might have to kill him.”

And in case you thought this was an isolated case, there are a number of cases like this cropping up especially at Donald Trump rallies.

I’m concerned for two big reasons:

  1. That a political aspirant is using the rhetoric he does to inflame a crowd (not behavior and language befitting a political position charged with appealing to our “better angels”)
  2. That the American citizens in the crowd are by and large either outright participating in the unthinkable physical and verbal assaults on those being ejected, or lack the courage to stand up and protect those being assaulted (I’m thinking right now of the iconic situations of Christians protecting Muslims praying in Tahrir Square in Cairo, and Muslims protecting Christians on a bus attacked by al-Shabab militants in Kenya)

Trump is coming to my hometown of Cincinnati on Sunday, and I’m wondering if a group of us should attempt to go, just to prepare to protect our brothers and sisters of color, many of whom are being ejected simply because of the color of their skin.


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