Listening to our brothers and sisters in the global South

I just came upon a jewel of an article from a man named Vinoth Ramachandra, titled “Reformed Amnesia.”  Vinoth, whose works have been quoted multiple times by various teachers, including Tim Keller in his work Generous Justice, has strong, convicting words to offer about what many are calling neo-Calvinism in the United States, led by groups like The Gospel Coalition and The Resurgence.  His words should properly chasten not only neo-Calvinists, but any who would claim to represent or speak about the truth (hint: all of us).  Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite to read his article;

“Was Calvin the first liberation theologian? He has as good a claim as any. He persistently fought the City Council of Geneva for the rights of poor refugees, persuading them to provide adequate social welfare. He himself was often exiled, experienced severe deprivation and other indignities, which must have made him particularly sensitive to the plight of refugees and the downtrodden.

How strange, then, to hear some influential pastors in the US and UK laying claim to be guardians of a “Reformed orthodoxy” while demonstrating little of Calvin’s heart. For these men (they are always men), the church’s mission is primarily one of proclaiming a message of individual salvation. Pastors are exhorted to “contend for the faith” (which usually amounts to contending with other pastors, and damning all who disagree with them), and “the faith” is taken to be a set of timeless “doctrines” rather than any distinctive Christian way of living.”

Read the rest of his excellent article here.


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