Day of Fasting and Prayer for Hannah, Friday, Sept 23rd

Hello friends.

In conversation with one of our friends, she (Sarah Ross) said during a time of prayer for Hannah, the word “fast” kept popping into her head, and she wanted to pay attention to it. She wondered about a day where we could fast and pray together. Both to honor God sharing with Sarah wisdom and guidance, and because fasting has a way of clarifying our time and our focus in prayer. When we remove something that can be a distraction, or a way to cope with other things, and instead hone in on prayer, we can find a stronger inner attentiveness to God for a period of time.

So, tomorrow, from dawn to dusk, we will engage in a day of Fasting and Prayer for Hannah. Some of us will choose to fast the whole period of time. Others of us will give up one of our meals. Some with medical conditions or other circumstances will just choose to focus a chunk of the day and devote that time to prayer.

So, how ’bout it? We’ll start the fasting and prayer at 6 am and continue until 9 pm.

For those who haven’t already done so, it would be helpful to have an assist for times of prayer. Bethany has an album of Hannah’s pictures on her Facebook account, and you could pick one that helps you to visualize and focus your prayer.

I’ve also set up an account on Ustream, and I’ll have the computer webcam pointed towards Hannah’s bed from 9 am on. So we’ll be streaming the video straight from the bedside to you, live! For those who use this tool, it will give you an opportunity to pray for various caregivers over the course of the day as you’re on, and join those praying intentionally over Hannah in those times too. I (Nathan) will have my hands on or just over Hannah in “typical” mealtimes that fit with times that nurses aren’t working on her (9-10 am, 1-2 pm, 7-8 pm) and other times too. Click this underlined sentence that is linked to the Ustream account so you can follow the video if you’d like.  Again, it will get started “broadcasting” at 9 am.

As always so far, if you feel comfortable sharing, let others know, either through the Facebook page, or this blog post, what you’re experiencing/seeing/hearing/impressions during your times of prayer. Your participation and guidance from God helps us to know how to pray, and how to shape our times of prayer. Sarah has already done this! So, thank you, Sarah, and everyone is invited to the Day of Fasting and Prayer, as you feel led.

3 thoughts on “Day of Fasting and Prayer for Hannah, Friday, Sept 23rd

  1. Nathan, Bethany and Hannah,
    I will be participating in the fasting and praying day tomorrow. God does wonders everyday and I will be praying for wondrous things for Hannah tomorrow. God Bless your little family

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