Know, trust, fear Know, trust, love

Below is my favorite quote ever from Wendell Berry.

It reminds me to value our place.  Because we value our place, we choose to invest in the people, soil, animals, and ecosystem that surround the place, and to “be” in our place; to be present, visible, available, and reflective on how we function in our place.

“When a community loses its memory, its members no longer know one another.  How can they know one another if they have forgotten or have never learned one another’s stories?  If they do not know one another’s stories, how can they know whether or not to trust one another?  People who do not trust one another do not help one another, and moreover they fear one another.”  (Berry, “The Work of Local Culture” What Are People For? 157)

Framed positively to encourage work towards a goal:

“When a community gains and maintains its memory, its members know one another.  They know one another because they remember and continue learning one another’s stories.  Because they know one another’s stories, they know they are more likely to trust one another.  People who trust one another help one another, and moreover they love one another.”


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