Struggling for Christmas meaning

Truth be told, I’ve been struggling to feel meaning this year in Advent leading up to Christmas. I suspect it’s because I’m in the transition time away from a prior perspective on Christmas and toward something more hopeful. There’s always, always a period of blahdom between places of meaning.

But maybe I’m just not feeling it.

Maybe I haven’t done enough.

Maybe I don’t care enough.

Wherever all this shakes out, I am convinced of this;
Any celebration of Christmas that isn’t consistent with Mary’s song
which includes the poor, the marginalized, the weak being blessed
I will no longer value.

Therefore, a season being immersed in consumerism,
a season where gift-giving has been twisted to enslave us rather that free us,
I will no longer value.
I will need to remind myself of this 1.2 million times before I die
because I will keep forgetting.

I will value the heart of Christmas.

I believe it to be
God with us.
God surprising us.
Kingship and power shown in service and weakness.
Surprising honor shown to people without honor.
These things are worth valuing deeply and feeding our lives.

But what do they look like in practice?
In repetitive action?
In habits that form our character?
In practices that bend our wills out of rebellious ruts and into faithful pathways?
Three years ago, the Advent Conspiracy drew me out of what I would call a “holy discontent” with Christmas status-quo that had become a deep cynicism.
I knew what I was against….kinda….but I didn’t know what I was for.
The process continues.

What meaningful practices have you found for you and yours?


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