Recommitment, or, moment of sanity Friday night

I will delete that
Facebook game.
And that other one too.
I will re-orient my time and my desires
to fit the kingdom of God,
which as I understand it means
I will spend more time face to face
with my wife
with my neighborhood
with my church community.
I will communicate with persons of consequence beyond these circles of relationship;
city, county, state, national, and international leaders.
I will carve out time to “do” nothing but think and scheme
and renew my imagination
and be reminded of my responsibility
in humility
to cherish God above all else
(thanks John Piper!)
I will remember
I will remember
I will remember!
that my imagination, desire, and energy
should be channeled into meaningful outlets,
and you, Facebook games,
are NOT included.
Go be played elsewhere.
You’re not welcome here anymore.
Click “X” Nathan.
It’s for your own, your marriage, your church, your neighborhood, and your world’s good
And not just good like, “Man, that Skyline chili was good!”
(which isn’t possible anyways)
but good like, “This is very good!”
from the Creator’s mouth..


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