To “Lucadoize” a Biblical passage

a) the practice of immediately ripping a passage out of its historical, social, and narrative context and pretending like we can do with it what we want.
b) making the Scriptures beholden to us rather than ourselves beholden to the Scriptures
c) also known as pious ignorance

usage “to Lucadoize” or “Lucadoizing”
example, “Wow, that was a real Lucadoizing of that passage!”

What Max Lucado has done over and over again as an author. Quote a passage, make a couple initial remarks, then rip the passage completely out of its original context and cram it into our story, whether it fits or not.

i.e. In the story of Jesus calming the storm, Max would immediately move to ask, “What is the storm in your life that Jesus needs to calm?” or the stoning of the woman caught in adultery, Max would ask, “What are the ‘stones’ others are throwing at you in your life?” In passages like Lamentations 1, Max might ask, “What are the feelings of exile you’re feeling in your life? We might then run with those instructions and think, “At an office birthday party, am I consistently the last to get a piece of cake, and when I do, it’s a corner piece with lots of icing and I really don’t like icing all that much so I feel isolated, excluded, and alone?” Or in my case, “Do you believe your manager unfairly singles you out to sweep the floor in the kitchen? Focus on those feelings of exile, so that God may enter in.” It’s an effective strategy in terms of Max selling a ton of books, and it’s affected a whole lot of pastor’s preaching, but I would suggest it’s generally employed where we either don’t understand a passage or it makes us feel uncomfortable and we find a way to get around it.


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