Everyday Justice in the trenches of life…

In the spirit of Julie Clawson’s book “Everyday Justice”…

And living with Margaret Mead’s wise words “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only  thing that ever has”….

In a world where so often we feel disempowered because we don’t have money or influence or aren’t considered “important”…

I will, from time to time, be posting pictures and thoughts of the small efforts in my life toward God’s justice.

Today, I have pictures of my most recent effort.  I work at Cracker Barrel, and when I first began there, the General Manager of the store gave me the OK to use our spent coffee grounds for composting at home. After he left, I was told this could no longer happen.  I attempted to recycle aluminum cans at work where everything is thrown into the trash.  Again, I was told this could no longer happen.  Why?  Because the company’s Loss Prevention Program doesn’t allow it.  We also happen to throw away all the paper used over the course of each day.

In the face of this opposition, I have decided to do my own mildly subversive activity.  Whenever I run out my food or the food of a fellow server, I pocket the paper used and bring it home at the end of the night to our home, where I place the paper in recycling.  This results in about 100 small pieces of paper an evening being recycled.

Some persons would tell me this is just a drop in the ocean.  Essentially meaningless.
But I have been shaped by the Bible to believe that nothing escapes the sight of our observant God.
Therefore no act of faithfulness is too small.
This knowledge transforms my disempowerment into thoughtful action.


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