A Charleston day…

In the lectionary today,
I read in Psalm 145.
It is a prayer of thankfulness.
It is a celebration of God’s character.

The author proclaims,
“The Lord is good to all,
he has compassion over all He has made.”

As I read this,
it seems the Lord is concerned for ALL the relationships he put into place.
Yes, the breath the human draws in and out.
Yes, the longings of the human, the dreams for success.

But also,
the trees that filter the air the human draws in and out.
The limestone that filters the water in deep underground streams.
The deer that stand,
in that stand of trees,
over there.
The water that flows, intended to provide life.

So God cares about the human,
but he also cares about
the tree,
the limestone,
the deer,
the streams.

Because they nurture the human, yes,
but even more, because He MADE them,
and CARES for them.

Today, we travel to Charleston to state:
“Massey Energy and other mountaintop removal cohorts.
Your actions are not reflective of a humble awareness of your Creator.

You are being judged as you swim in cash,
and unless you alter your industry,
you will be judged on a great and terrible day.
Embrace the sustainable future where you are merely a part of an ecosystem,
standing alone, destroying your neighbors in selfishness and greed.

The Iroquois remind us,
“In our every deliberation, we must,
we MUST consider the impact of our decisions
on the next seven generations.”

You can change, Massey.
You can govern with the leavening hand of justice and wisdom, EPA.
Join the compassionate call of your Creator.


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