Nader on the deep need for citizen action…

The empowerment and widespread exercise of citizenship is a pre-requisite for a sound, democratic society.  Leadership that empowers more people, that reduces the severe concentration of power and information, and that lifts a nation into missions of accomplishment which will increase justice, happiness, and opportunity- that is the leadership citizens must demand by involving themselves in a national political campaign.  So too, the media should rise to their higher responsibility to report the White House and not just mimeograph its rhetoric.

Our history has demonstrated that the well-being of society springs from the growth of daily, active citizenship that provides an enabling environment for good leaders to come forth.  Every significant social movement in this century has sprung from active citizens fighting for their cause- women’s suffrage, worker’s rights, civil rights, environmental and consumer protection, peace.  Put in today’s terms, citizens in our country need to spend more time being citizens.  That is the bottom line.”

Nader, pg 91, “The Corporate State and the Corporatizing of America,” in The Ralph Nader Reader

To put it bluntly, turn off or drastically reduce the amount of hyper-reality shows we watch and time-consuming thoughtless games on the Internet (e.g. Farmville, Mafia Wars, Bejeweled) and on video game platforms, and choose to express basic concern for our neighbor by joining citizen groups and volunteer organizations and lobbying policy-makers…and even *gasp* taking the simple step of spending time with, writing letters to, and calling those we need to invest in relationship with.

All of these activities start rebuilding the web of relationships that every successful society needs in order to seek justice, transparency, honesty, and the common good.


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