Good, generative question…

mclaren campolo

It’s questions like this that deserve to be paid attention to.  This is a question of goals, of what matters most, and whether the church we often see is one with proper and wise goals, with a strong sense of what matters most;

“Are our churches and broadcasts and books and organizations merely creating religious consumers of religious products and programs?  Are we creating a self-isolating, self-serving, self-perpetuating, self-centered subculture instead of a world-penetrating (like salt and light), world-serving (focused on “the least and the lost,” those Jesus came to seek and save), world-transforming (like yeast in bread), God-centered (sharing God’s love for the whole world) counterculture?  If so, even if we proudly carry the name evangelical (which means “having to do with the gospel”), we’re not behaving as friends to the gospel, but rather as its betrayers.  However unintentionally, we can neuter the very gospel we seek to live and proclaim.” 

Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo;  Adventures in Missing the Point, pg 11-12


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