Christians can (and should!) be environmentalists too

And I’ve got proof!  But first, I found an excellent photo of my friend Robert Sage Russo today that I’d like to post.  Robert is a passionate disciple of Jesus who works for the group Christians for the Mountains, a group of disciples committed to the people and ecosystems being ravaged by corporate greed.

Their mission statement is excellent:
“The Earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it; the world, and all that lives upon it.” (Psalm 24:1)

Christians For The Mountains is an initiative to summons faithful Christians to act responsibly to God’s creation. Our focus is local and regional, the southern Appalachian Mountains region. Our first objective is the end of mountaintop removal extraction.

CFTM seeks God’s justice for the Appalachian Mountains region.
CFTM is a grassroots network that invites your participation.
CFTM began its continuing history when it formed in 2005.
CFTM vision stems from a biblical, theological basis.

And the following picture of Robert is a good one.  He’s standing on Kayford Mountain, one among many communities being torn apart by the practice of Mountaintop Removal, specifically Catenary Coal Co, a subsidiary of Arch Coal.


If you’re interested in hearing some of what Christians for the Mountains is about, here’s a report from NPR’s Environment Report on their work. The transcript of the conversation is here.


3 thoughts on “Christians can (and should!) be environmentalists too

  1. Wes,

    One only needs to commit to obeying God with all of who they are. There is then no minimum expectation nor maximum. You’re “doing” enough when you’re fully submitted, learning, and eventually acting on the truth you’re pursuing.


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