A hello, a comment, and more to come…

I’m back from Haiti.  There will be plenty of reflecting on that in the coming weeks; small-scale and large-scale.  But not yet. It’s good to be back, as well as a big culture shock and jolting transition back into the flow of our society. Being up in the mountains of Haiti with a people whose electricity only comes from a missions-organization-donated generator does that.

Here’s a classic quote from Dick Cheney today commenting on “terrorism,” a great re-entry into American society for me;

“These are evil people. And we’re not going to win this fight by turning the other cheek.”

Now you tell me if those are wise words or immoral words; short-sighted or long-sighted.  If you’re a Christian, filter these comments through a Biblical perspective rather than a America-centered perspective and comment on their value. And if you find them deeply troubling, as I do, please tell me how George W, a supposedly “born-again” Christian, could make this man his right-hand advisor.


2 thoughts on “A hello, a comment, and more to come…

  1. When Jesus told us to turn the other cheek to those that slap us, I think he was trying to point out that aggression breeds more aggression. The more we try to strong-arm “Freedom” onto the world, the more backlash we are bound to see take place.

    These are not wise words in any way that I can see…

    Great to see you made it back safely bro.

    Talk to you again later.

  2. Troy,

    Good to hear from you.

    Good wisdom on the aggression thing.

    Maybe from time to time here in the future you can hop on and continue to contribute to the conversation. You’re on my mind an awful lot; no kidding on that at all. I really really appreciate our opportunities to talk honestly, to seek to listen well to each other, and your great desire to humbly serve God.


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