Horrible uniform picture of the day…

Oh. My. Gosh.  Can somebody just pull out that Men in Black memory zapper and take the 70’s away from us?  I was on si.com today, hopped over to their pics of Hall of Fame holdovers, and saw this picture of Harold Baines.  He must want to run for the border when he sees this picture.  That’s probably why he hasn’t been voted into the Hall yet, because the poor guy advocating for his inclusion keeps projecting this picture on the wall.  Everyone in the room is like, “Dude, I’m not hearing anything you’re saying because I keep throwing up a little bit in my mouth about every nanosecond.”


Picture by John Iacono

And just in case you thought that this jersey was just a horrible decision made by the uniform department after they woke up from a weekend bender, looked down at their PJs, and sent in their idea, here’s another tremendous uniform decision (again, in the 70s) made by the White Sox.


And here’s a link to the hilarious ESPN Uni Watch article on the history of White Sox uniforms.  There are many more uniforms to “throw up a little in the mouth” over.


4 thoughts on “Horrible uniform picture of the day…

  1. This was a really witty post Nathan….I’m impressed….I had to suppress a laugh because I am here in the library and didn’t want people staring :)…

  2. Why thank you wife! I say you laugh and then when they look at you, you invite them over to see what you’re laughing at. If they don’t think it’s funny, aim for the kneecaps, if you know what I mean.

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