God’s wisdom is foolishness to the world…

Kudos to Grace Community Church for realizing that sexuality is not a private matter, but one that speaks publicly about truth, wisdom, integrity, and a different way of living than the world.

“I am a Christian…my relationship with Jesus has to do with me and Jesus, and he knows my heart.”

Well, no. When you become a Christian, you become a part of a group of people committed to loving each other and holding each other accountable, and you’re having sex with your boyfriend, which God has made himself clear on, and they love you enough to let you know. Since Jesus expects you to honor the sexuality he’s created you for, Grace Community Church is reminding you of that responsibility.

This story is a reminder to me that we can’t just run around in the world willy-nilly doing whatever we feel like doing, serial church-hopping until people find out who we are on a deeper level, then moving on scot-free. We are accountable for our lifestyles.


5 thoughts on “God’s wisdom is foolishness to the world…

  1. Whoa!! Are all of the other members of this church without sin?? This is nothing personal to you but, my experience with churches is that if you are there every Sunday great…if not someone may check on you but probably not. Most all people i know that go to church don’t want to miss a sunday because they might miss the gossip. Yes, during the “joys and concerns time” there are some real needs and joys announced, but most of the time it is just someone yapping their jaws so they can be seen and heard!
    I have been there…living with a man i’m not married to, i know it’s wrong!!! i guess i’ve been hurt my too many “CONCERNED CHRISTIANS”

  2. Heidi,

    Thanks for your input.


    I agree with what I hear from your first sentence that action like this should not be carried out lightly; we are all broken people in need of healing.

    The New Testament (and especially Jesus), however, is very clear about the need to hold one another accountable. If you turn to Matthew 18:15-20 (they quoted this in the story) and read that section, it is Jesus instructing his disciples on church discipline. And church discipline is basically this; we are accountable to each other. If you find me to be living in such a way that is destructive to myself and/or others, it is your responsibility (because you love me) to let me know what you see and why you see it as destructive. If I deny this and it remains clear to you that the activity is sinful, then you should approach some brothers and sisters to speak with yme, and if I still don’t listen, you bring it before the church family. If I still don’t listen, Jesus is clear, “treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector,” which DOES NOT mean shun me; it means to let me know that I am engaging in destructive behavior and that there are consequences for continuing willful sin. However, this isn’t the final step; because “treat them like a pagan or a tax collector” clearly means to love them and give your life for them to seek the truth. The goal is to welcome the brother or sister back into the fellowship.

    So, you see, it’s never “just me and Jesus.” I am a part of the people of God and they should have expectations for me. If they love me, they will keep me accountable.

    Your comments on your experiences with church are, regrettably, very true in my experience as well. In many ways, I have not loved you and Steve and others well in the midst of daily life; it hurts me to confess that to others, but it benefits me over the long run…I’m accountable to others, even those outside the church family! I hear and acknowledge your pain about the twisted motives of some “concerned Christians.” We need to work together to encourage each other to love more deeply, forgive more deeply, and give one another lots of grace as we live life together.

    My response to this video is primarily this; My Christianity is never just between me and Jesus, but in holding each other accountable, the church should be full of grace and mercy and only do what Grace Community is doing in this story as a last resort, which it looks like they’re doing.


  3. Thank You! it always helps to know that i am not alone in the way i feel about church. i wish more people could see how we all hurt each other. you are one of the few that REALLY cares about others. i guess i have a sour taste in my mouth because i have been hurt by so called christians. maybe one day i’ll learn to trust in GOD and not in people.

  4. Marsha,

    I think Christians should be more completely honest about our deep temptations to be judgmental in a hypocritical, self-righteous way than the non-Christians that surround us. If there is a group that represents the Pharisees more often than not today, it is most certainly self-confessed Christians; often standing at a distance from other people’s messes and casting judgment while hiding their own mess so no one can see.

    I really appreciate your courage to say what you’ve said in your comments here; that takes guts by itself. Just to add my perspective on your final sentence, I’d say that learning to trust God will lead us to trust other people. It must lead to that. We cannot abandon the pursuit of trusting relationships with others because that is part of God’s dream for the world. This means we will get rejected and hurt along the way, but hopefully find some real loving relationships that give us a hope that love and trust can exist. This is really, really hard; I confess I spend more time hiding or avoiding than seeking to really trust others. There’s a guy I’ve grown to really respect who’s serving Christ in the inner city of Cincinnati; check out what he says about this;

    “God knows better than anyone how it feels to have someone take the full measure of your love and throw it back in your face, even when both of you know they’re going to have a hell of a time trying to live without it.”

    Let’s pursue loving others with that same way…even if very few of us do this we will impact a world desperately desiring this kind of love.


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