I exist
in the prison
of my attention deficit desires.
I AM passionate.
You could accuse me of THAT!
But my passions run
                                                                                                                                               and yon.
I want
to do/say/write/speak/act
I am often paralyzed
and NOT
I. shut. down.
What will become of this
fr                      ag                    me                  nt                ed
young man?
What path will I travel?


2 thoughts on “Angst

  1. Very cool poem. I’m assuming this poem is in reference to your life-changing changes on the horizon. Oddly, I’m going through some trials as well and I can relate to these emotions, sadly, very well.
    Keep up the fight Brother.

  2. Thanks Ryan. This poem is less situation-specific and more general, but the changes coming up certainly contribute to this angst.

    What kind of trials are you walking through right now? You can email me at if you’re comfortable, but I certainly understand if you’d like to keep it confidential or within a circle of friends closest to you.

    I pray that you would have courage to fight as well, Ryan. We can change the world with these hands (and dreams and unity). 🙂

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