A little humor for the moment…

oatmeal-cream-pieI was semi-cleaning off the top of my drawers this morning, when I saw something that caught my attention.  And, as anyone who knows the crazy connections of my mind might guess, my mind drifted to a few days ago when I saw Michael Pollan’s video I linked to the other day.  In the video, Michael made a solid point as he distinguished between “food” and “edible food-like substance.”  

He gives an example of a twinkie in his office, saying, “There’s something conspicuous about real food.  Over time, real food rots.  The other day, I was in my office, and I saw a Twinkie that I used as an example a couple years ago.  And I reached over and gave that Twinkie a squeeze, and it was as soft as the day I bought it!  Now there’s something wrong with that!  If the mold and bacteria that break down real food won’t touch that Twinkie, what does that say to you?”

Good point, Michael.  Good point.

On top of my drawers, I saw a chocolate creme pie that was originally put into a suit jacket by my friend Abigail when she pranked my roomie and I (different story for another time).  It sat in the suit jacket for awhile, then after my wife and I were married, I put it on top of the drawers.  Looked at it today again, and  Michael Pollan started talking in my head, “If the mold and bacteria that break down real food won’t touch that (chocolate creme pie), what does that say to you?”

My response?  “Not touching it. Thanks for the wisdom, Mike. Maybe I’ll keep it around for a couple years and squeeze it every now and again.”


4 thoughts on “A little humor for the moment…

  1. Please get your facts straight. That is not a chocolate cream pie. That is a fudge round from Little Debbie (I’ve had a few of these food-like treats).

    I’ve been a Pollan fan since reading Omnivore’s Dilemma last year. Pretty cool with its references to Polyface Farm.

  2. Marsha,

    I think my gag reflex just kicked in. 🙂


    Forgive me. I submit to your fudge round knowledge. haha. I flat-out forgot their proper name, and they looked chocolatey and creamy, so that’s all I could come up with.


    If you want it, it’s yours. The fudge round immortalized forever on the internet.


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