Some Friday links…


Here’s three links to things that have benefitted my body and my brain recently.  Not mindless links.  Good, solid, life links.

In Defense of Food:  Michael Pollan on how food can become a joy; what should be eaten, when we should eat it, and in what circumstances it should be eaten.  Sure, the video’s an hour long, but have you ever watched Sportscenter back to back for two hours just to show your buddy the cool highlight?  Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy for a good cry?  How about you watch a brilliant journalist describe how you can enhance the quality of your life and quite likely extend the length of your life?  Whaddaya say?  And he’s funny as all get out along the way.


Politics: Time’s Joe Klein on Obama’s important commitment to assembling a “team of rivals” for his Cabinet rather than a bunch of suck-ups or people that believe exactly like him.  Here’s a quote from this very good article:

“(This) would reflect a powerful desire on Obama’s part to return to the tradition of bipartisan foreign policy, with politics stopping at the water’s edge. And it would reflect a growing centrist consensus in the foreign policy/national security spectrum that includes most members of the Bush 41 and Clinton teams–in favor of the primacy of diplomacy over militarism, ready to begin talks with those the Bush Administration considered pariahs (the Taliban, Syria, Iran), but not averse to the use of force–against Al Qaeda, in particular–when necessary.”

Most of these of very, very worthy goals to pursue to reverse the eight years of global erosion of respect for America; a direct result of Bush’s foreign policy.


Discipleship: Zack Exley over at Revolution in Jesusland wrote an excellent post while at the Christian Community Development Association’s conference in Miami called “I’m doing this for God, not for you.”  He describes what he sees to be a spontaneous move of disciples of Jesus doing what God has expected His people to do the whole time; obey him selflessly.  In this case, it means moving to places abandoned and left behind by our society to love people there; no matter the cost.  Here’s a quote from the post that gripped me:

“I’ve seen Shane (Claiborne) speak now in several different Christian forums, and as he talks about how “my life really got messed up when I found Jesus” (because of the sacrifices he started having to make) you can see the Christian kids in the audience sinking into their seats as it dawns on them what Jesus is calling them to do. And then they go do it. These are some of the most mature young people I’ve ever met—I think because they’re experiencing at very young ages the kind of sober, selfless impulses that come in the secular world only when people have kids.


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