My respect for Cameron Strang as a leader grew from this…

Cameron Strang is the founder and editor of Relevant Magazine, and one of a few leaders from my generation gaining more of a mainstream cultural voice. My highlighting Cameron’s work may seem strange given my harsh critique of his father six days ago, but maybe this can stand as an example of children taking a wise step to critically examine their parents’ faith; deciding where they will continue to agree and where they will choose to respectfully disagree.

I LOVE what Cameron said in the video interview below, appreciated his post explaining why he first accepted, then declined to pray at the DNC (Democratic National Convention), and also appreciated his reflections on the DNC’s faith forums afterwards. I encourage you to watch the interview and check out the links.


3 thoughts on “My respect for Cameron Strang as a leader grew from this…

  1. Alan,

    I know, weird huh?

    I would say this, though. I really was surprised by some of what Cameron said in this interview. Specifically, I was really really impressed that he went beyond the abortion/homosexuality moral issues to consider other vitally important moral issues. The political conversation among Christians is far too obsessed with those two at the expense of the multitude of other moral issues. I had always thought Cameron was just like his father; hiding his agenda behind the different method of Relevant Magazine. My opinion got exposed as very false, if this interview is true to what he’s really committed to.

    And as a philosophical sidenote, I should say that I should’ve been much easier on Cameron, given some of my thoughts above on the hard, hard process of separating ourselves from our parents’ perspectives in order to think critically about what they taught us. This is very hard, and to honest, I’m not sure many folks undertake this as rigorously as we should.


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