Again, who’s responsible?

As I asked in my post below several days ago, I will ask again.  Five Afghan children were killed yesterday by NATO forces in a botched artillery strike.  Five people created in the image of God, people sustained actively by God.  People who, if we have an consistent pro-life ethic, should be bitterly mourned.  Who will be prosecuted for their deaths?  Where will their parents turn for justice?  

Who is responsible?


3 thoughts on “Again, who’s responsible?

  1. The sad fact about this is here in the “land of the Free ” stories like this just kind of blend in. Does the land of the free mean we are free to go on foreign soil to get the enemy and kill whoever gets in the way??? Seems we are free to do whatever we want. Kill innocent children– born or unborn. God made EACH one of us, even the ” bad guys “. If we have no respect for human life, what do we have respect for ? No one will take responsibility for this. We’ll just ignore it and it’ll go away, right? Never mind the families that are mourning the loss of their innocent children. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  2. Stories like this are exceedingly common and saddening. The idea of people being made “in God’s image” is something to which we only pay lip-service. I think this is the reason a story such as this can simply go almost unnoticed. It’s almost as if we only care to think of ourselves as made in God’s image, and either neglect to think (or don’t want to think) of other people as made in God’s image.

    This story is much worse than the other story about the lady being arrested for attacking a soldier. And sadly, it’s hardly viewed even as collateral damage. It’s no worse, in the eyes of most, than when a hail storm knocks out the windows on a couple of cars. In fact, the latter usually receives more press. Pitiful, simply pitiful.

  3. Thanks for your responses, Marsha and Alan,

    I’m not going to keep posting these stories, because they can feel like a suffocating tidal wave that smashes over us, leaving us helpless; paralyzed. I just wanted to put these in the consciousness of myself and my friends as we wrestle with what life throws at us.

    Marsha, those questions are great ones. The leaders of every nation should thoughtfully weigh those, especially if they make the claim to be Christian. Though the term “Christian” means little to nothing other than lip service in our society today, Biblically-speaking, these persons are making themselves accountable to an entire lifestyle that committed Christians should constantly remind them of. And America DOES need to wake up; our moral awareness is self-righteous, selfish, and a double-standard.

    Alan, I think your thoughts on the “image of God” being something we only pay lip-service to is a great insight. Left to ourselves, we become self-serving. But then we see the example of Jesus, who “made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant…he humbled himself and became obedient to death, even death on a cross!” For me, to consider that Jesus essentially “forgot himself,” deliberately laid down his powers for the good of the entire world, sometimes reduces me to tears. Tears because it’s so beautiful, and tears because I’m afraid; He calls me to do the same.

    In a world of crushing darkness, what is the light? And have we been called to represent the light? And if we lose the foundation of our faith, is it possible that we live in darkness while we claim to represent the light?

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