Americans, hold your government accountable…

In light of Tony Benn’s insight in the previous post, I was pleased to find an update from Congressman Dennis Kucinich on my Facebook profile this afternoon that showed both his courage and a call to the thinking, involved American public to hold our government accountable.

One of the most important needs for a democratic society to exist and thrive is transparency in the governmental process. Those who have been given the responsibility of leading must lead with integrity, wisdom, and accountability. When the lives of persons are at stake with possible military action, then leaders must especially be truthful.

I am sad to say that George W. Bush is not this type of leader. And I am even further saddened to suggest that in the buildup to the Iraq War, he used propaganda techniques, misdirection, and perception-spin to convince the American people that they should get behind a military invasion of the country. This has resulted in over 4,000 deaths of American personnel, tens of thousands of American personnel injured (physically and mentally), tens of thousands (if not more) Iraqi deaths (most civilians, including women and children), Iraqi society in deeper turmoil; and worst, a growth in numbers of al-Qaeda as hatreds have been inflamed by deaths in families.

In Bill Clinton’s presidency, he was impeached by the House of Representatives because he lied about sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. They called this “high crimes and misdemeanors.” George W. Bush and his administration lied about Iraq, al-Qaeda, and their motives for invading, resulting in untold human devastation. If lying about a sexual relationship is a “high crime” (highly debatable), and the costs of Bush’s action have made Clinton’s look like a geriatric bridge club, then certainly Bush is guilty, and must be held accountable.

Not only am I disgusted at Bush’s leadership, but even further disgusted at my fellow Christians who give this man a blank check because he’s “born-again.” By my estimation, he’s one of the most corrupt, big-business-bought-off, immoral presidents in recent memory.

Thankfully, there’s at least one Representative that has had the guts to be a leader in this area; Dennis Kucinich. And he’s gaining a wider hearing with his colleagues on Capital Hill. The following is a message I got from Kucinich a bit ago. I signed the petition. I would suggest you join me as well. Make our government accountable.

Last week, Congressman Dennis Kucinich delivered a petition bearing more than 100,000 names to the Speaker of the House urging that impeachment proceedings begin into the conduct of President Bush. 

With new disclosures that the Administration tried to “cook the books at the CIA” by creating a phony, forged link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, “We cannot step back and let this President escape accountability.”

If you have already signed the impeachment petition at, thank you. If you haven’t, please do. And, in the next few weeks, please ask just one more person to sign so we can let the members of Congress hear our collective demand that they meet their obligation to uphold the Constitution.”


5 thoughts on “Americans, hold your government accountable…

  1. “because he lied about sexual relations…”

    While under oath, while being investigated on charges of sexual harassment.

    Funny how people always leave that part out… having an affair isn’t an impeachable offense, but committing perjury most certainly is.

  2. Derek,

    First off, thanks for your response. Second, I’d suggest the part you responded to is a perfect case of “spirit of the law” vs. “letter of the law.” Was Monica the one who pushed the case, or was it her “friend” Linda Tripp? And is all perjury an impeachable offense, or should we consider whether the item a person perjured themselves on a threat to leadership and national security? Bill Clinton made a fool of himself, that we all can agree on…and the post-Monica presidency was a mockery.

    But your moralistic focus on Bill Clinton completely obscured my larger point. Is or is not a willful misleading of the American people a “high crime and misdemeanor.” And here’s where the “spirit of the law” comes in; willful misleading causing massive calamity and upheaval in family systems and societies, or willful misleading on sexual relationships causing one to look like a fool?


  3. My point is that if you’re not going to characterize that correctly, that reveals your own bias – a bias that is reflected in your other criticisms, as well.

    If you’re defending yourself against a civil suit regarding sexual harassment, then whether or not you’re having a sexual relationship WITH AN INTERN becomes tremendously important. To think otherwise is ludicrous.

    Also, in the original case, he was defending himself against a civil suit from Paula Jones. Linda Tripp didn’t enter the equation until after his deposition. And yes, I would think that perjury and obstruction of justice (both felonies) are impeachable under the “high crimes and misdemeanors” description found in the Constitution.

    In any case, your criticisms of Bush, and the angry left’s constant desire to impeach him, are on very shaky ground, but I’ve learned that it’s very difficult to have a rational discussion about those issues. Especially if the person involved is willing to defend Bill Clinton’s perjury about sexual relationships with interns while responding to a civil sexual harassment suit from a prior subordinate. So I figured I’d start with that – something that should be very easy to rationally discuss rather than deal with something that isn’t so cut and dry.

  4. Derek,

    You’re revealing your bias while accusing me of my own. Linda Tripp entered the equation as a woman obtaining information while posing as a friend for the purpose of engaging in political partisan hackery. Is it relevant to mention the Paula Jones case was dismissed, while the settlement Clinton paid did not come with an apology for supposed action and thus did not admit guilt?

    And you’re again avoiding the point of “spirit” vs. “letter” of the law. And the consideration of “high” crimes and misdemeanors demands that we interpret what “high” really means, which suggests that the smaller penalties would be overlooked in the interest of removing from office one who is truly dangerous, treasonous, or a deeply criminal mind in the highest office of the land. Lying about whether Lewinski gave him oral sex simply does not rise to this level, and suggesting so is ludicrous and displays significant bias.

    It’s not as simple as saying “the law is the law,” which you seem to be suggesting; it is a matter of interpretation, of rational discussion regarding the levels which certain crimes rise to.

    My criticisms of Bush are simply not on shaky grounds, and your characterization of the persons calling for impeachment as the “angry left” again displays your bias. I’ve already made manifestly clear to you that I will never defend Bill Clinton’s actions, but I will always defend the cause of justice, and when hundreds of thousands of lives were in the balance in George W. Bush’s case, forgive me for considering that to be a much more important issue.


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