Gettin’ married…

to this fine (and by fine, I mean both senses of the word;  like, she’s fine as in a really amazing person, and fine as in “dude, that girl is fiiiiiiiiiiine!) young lady.

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After tomorrow, it’s Nathan Douglas Myers and Bethany Kriegshauser Myers (and yes, it is ironic that I, a non-resistant disciple of Jesus, am marrying a young woman whose maiden name literally means “house of war” in German).  Ha ha!


5 thoughts on “Gettin’ married…

  1. Nate: Congratulations!! That’s awesome and enjoy the great years ahead. The union of husband and wife is truly a blessing of God.

  2. Congratulations!

    Some of us “non-resistant disciple(s) of Jesus” are stuck with the name “Kriegshauser” (and, in my case, married a woman who now shares the name). 🙂

    Nonetheless, anyone who has the last name Kriegshauser must be amazing. 😉 Good luck to you and yours.

  3. Hey Andrew!

    Of course I remember you. And if my memory serves me well, there was no stealing of that shirt; it was freely given. My parents were up in your area a little while ago and somehow met the fellow who was there with you at Roundtable. I remember him being a reporter, but I’m terrible with names.

    And in regards to the blog, if you want it to really serve you well, take time out once or twice a week to sit down and sort out your thoughts on things. It’s really helped to clarify some of my thoughts. And if folks comment, it’s a bonus…looking forward to getting to know you a little better from afar.


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