Jon Stewart lays it down…

I had heard about this video, but never seen it.

Jon Stewart on Crossfire


2 thoughts on “Jon Stewart lays it down…

  1. Yeah…I never tire of watching that clip.

    I believe that show got cancelled soon after. Awesome. Seriously, I think I would vote for him if he ran for president. That’s if Ron Paul isn’t running, of course.

  2. So a little honest dialogue does hold the potential for change, eh? Jon Stewart has his strengths and weaknesses, but his subtle critiques of politics and culture (and blunt ones on this Crossfire) help us to think and look at things differently.

    If we’re looking at the left/right stuff as a spectrum rather than an either/or, Stewart’s a bit too far out on the left side of the spectrum for me to feel very comfortable about voting for him, but he IS brilliant.

    I agree with you in large part with Ron Paul. He’s refreshing, as is Dennis Kucinich.

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