Lenten Daily Prayers: The Fifth Week

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This, as the title suggests, is the fifth week that I’ve posted some relevant readings and prayers for entering more deeply into the season of Lent.

Morning (observed on hour between 6 and 9 a.m.) 

The Request for Presence
Send out your light and your truth, that they may lead me,
and bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling.
 (Psalm 43:3)

A Reading
“Jesus taught us, saying, ‘And the judgment is this: though the light has come into the world, people have preferred darkness to the light because their deeds were evil…but whoever does the truth comes out into the light, so that what he is doing may plainly appear as done in God.'”
 (John 3:19,21)

The Morning Psalm
O God, when you went forth before your people,
when you marched through the wilderness,
The earth shook, and the skies poured down rain at the presence of God,
the God of Sinai, at the presence of God, the God of Israel.
You sent a gracious rain, O God, upon your inheritance;
you refreshed the land when it was weary.
Your people found their home in it;
in your goodness, O God, you have made provision for the poor.
The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of thousands;
the LORD comes in holiness from Sinai.
You have gone up on high and led captivity captive;
you have received gifts even from your enemies,
that the LORD God may dwell among them.
Blessed be the LORD day by day, the God of our salvation,
who bears our burdens.
He is our God, the God of our salvation;
God is the LORD, by whom we escape death
(Psalm 68:7-10, 17-20)

The Lord’s Prayer

The Prayer Appointed for the Week
Almighty God, whose blessed Son was led by the Spirit to be tempted by Satan:  Come quickly to help us who are assaulted by many temptations; and, as you know the weaknesses of each of us, let each one find you mighty to save; through Jesus Christ your Son our LORD, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.  Amen.

Prayer for the Morning
LORD God, almighty and everlasting Father, you have brought me in safety to this new day:  Preserve me with your mighty power, that I may not fall into sin, nor be overcome by adversity, and in all I do direct me to the fulfilling of your purpose; through Jesus Christ our LORD.  Amen.

Midday (observed on hour between 11 am and 2 pm)

The Cry of the Church
O God, come to my assistance!
O LORD, make haste to help me!

The Midday Psalm
If the LORD had not come to my help,
I should soon have dwelt in the land of silence.
As often as I said, “My foot has slipped,”
your love, O LORD, upheld me. 
When many cares fill my mind, your consolations fill my soul.
(Psalm 94:17-19)

The Lord’s Prayer

The Prayer Appointed for the Week (repeat from morning)

The Midday Prayer of the Church
Most gracious God and Father, you are with me as I make my journey throughout this day.  Help me to look lovingly on all people and events that come into my life today and to walk gently on this land.  Grant this through Jesus who lives and walks among us ever present at each moment.  Amen.

The Evening  (observed between 5 and 8 p.m.)

The Call to Prayer
Come, let us bow down, and bend the knee, and kneel before the LORD our Maker.
Psalm 95:6

The Evening Psalm
Show us your mercy, O LORD, and grant us your salvation.
I will listen to what the LORD God is saying,
for he is speaking peace to his faithful people and to those who turn their hearts to him.
Truly, his salvation is very near to those who fear him,
that his glory may dwell in our land.
Mercy and truth have met together,
righteousness and peace have kissed each other.
Truth shall spring up from the earth,
and righteousness shall look down from heaven.
The LORD will indeed grant prosperity, and our land will yield its increase.
Righteousness will go before him,
and peace will be a pathway for his feet.
Psalm 85:7-13

The Lord’s Prayer

The Prayer Appointed for the Week (repeat from morning)

The Concluding Prayer of the Church
O holy God, as evening falls on us, Remember our good deeds and forgive our failings.  Help us to reflect on and live according to your covenant of love. Be with our lonely and elderly sisters and brothers in the evening of their lives.  May all who long to see you face to face know the comfort of your presence.  This we ask in union with Simeon and Anna and all who have gone before us blessing and proclaiming you by the fidelity of their lives.  Amen.


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