Taking out al-Qaeda?

A U.S. submarine fired a Tomahawk missile into southern Somalia today, directed towards a suspected al-Qaeda operative named Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan.  The Pentagon confirmed the hit, which was carried out near the town of Dhoobley, Somalia.

Here’s the link to the story

Take care to ignore the last few lines for the sake of the “ignorance is bliss” principle. Besides, they were just “collateral damage” anyways.



4 thoughts on “Taking out al-Qaeda?

  1. Isn’t it? My intent in posting this was just to highlight how absolutely unimportant those other folks’ lives were to this story, and to the event itself. Like you said, the fact that it was in the last couple of sentences in the article says something.

    All other things aside;

    How do you think the members of the families of those killed and injured now feel about the U.S.?
    In a related question, how would we feel towards another country who killed or maimed our family members in the interest of international security? Would we be ok with it? Submit to our family members dying for “the greater good”?

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