Sermon Visuals from Feb 10: Lent and the Wilderness Experience

We talked through the wilderness experience of Lent and the call to honesty with ourselves and others. Earlier in our worship gathering, we slowed down and talked a bit about Goethe’s quote, “He who cannot draw on three thousand years is living hand to mouth,” considering the reality that a deep faithfulness is not a “what have you done for me lately God?” and is instead rooted deeply in what God has already done, and the reality that God is forming a people of faithfulness rather than fragmented individuals out working on their own inner spiritual (emotional) relationship with Jesus. Here’s the link to the sermon. I didn’t communicate very well, I don’t think, but here’s the pics. And I’ll go ahead and say this:

Clint Kemp (the “Flow of Development” pic is a screenshot from the video featuring him) is wiiiiiiiiiiiise. And the folks over at The Work of the People are doing some great work to bring folks deeper into the worship experience. They’ve got a blog and a Youtube account where you can look at some of their work…I’m especially a fan of the Brian McLaren “Everything Must Change” videos right now.  That man, Brian McLaren, along with N.T. Wright, has done more to change what I thought of Jesus than I could have ever conceived of.  And the best part of it is that his suggestions have led me back to read and re-read Scripture again and again and let the Bible shape my understanding more than my understanding shaping what I see in the Bible.

fastingcover bbt

lent psalm103

1john1 flow of development

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