Sermon Visuals

I’ve decided, both as a visual history of the things I try to pay attention to in worship and as a continuous example of other folks’ impact on me, to post snapshots of the movement of the sermons I preach on a weekly basis. One of the stories I tell (Mershu Debebe) comes by way of Josh Brown by way of Stephen Bush. (the pics are Stephen’s) Another story (Tony Campolo’s) comes by way of Brian McLaren in The Secret Message of Jesus. And still some more guidance (that of “knowing Jesus,” yet the more you know, the more you realize you know nothing) comes by way of John Piper’s message “The Discontented Life” over at Desiring God. A little shout-out to collective wisdom here, if you will. I have a link to the sermon text here, though it’s only mostly accurate as I move away from the script fairly often.

picture 1picture 2

picture 3picture 4

picture 5picture 6

picture 7picture 8

picture 10


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