Dennis Kucinich responds to the State of the Union (vid link)

Dennis Kucinich is a voice of reason in politics today.  He says what he believes, refuses to spin his positions to ensnare potential voters, and speaks wisely about how a just economic system and country would seek to act.

Here’s his video response to Bush’s State of the Union address

In other news, here’s a link to a story of a 23 year-old Afghani journalist who’s getting the death sentence for “insulting Islam.” You might be surprised what they defined as an insult. I don’t rant and rave about Muslims, but this is a clear case where, if this decision is true to the heart of Islam, there’s a vision for the world there that I don’t want any part of. There’s a place for conversation and listening well, but we’re extremely naive if we think all religions carry a similar vision for the world…or of a Divine Being, for that matter. Killing a journalist for questioning authority. I draw the line there. Not that the church hasn’t done this in the past, but I think I could make a serious case that that sort of action is not true to the vision Jesus called his followers to.


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