I was reading Ye Olde Sports Illustrated tonight, and Richard Hoffer made a good point, one good enough to post.  It’s a call to consistency like Mr. Josh Brown’s a couple of days ago.

 “Was 2007 the counterfeit year of all time?  Well, given the calculus of cheating (the risk of getting caught versus the reward for getting away with it), it’s very likely that it was.  And 2008, which will offer even more inflated rewards at only slightly increased risk, will probably top this.  To that extent we have only ourselves to blame.  If we are affronted by the smirking lump of biomass atop Barry Bonds’s shoulders, we might revisit our willingness to clap acclaim and contracts on such single-minded superstars.  We can’t expect them to be considerate of fair play if, in our equally single-minded determination to see rocket shots into the San Francisco Bay, we aren’t either.”

This, combined with another excellent point in the Letters to the Editor section, is some good stuff.  Here’s the solid letter to the editor;”The only solution for fans who want a playoff is to not watch the BCS games.  Low ratings equals change in the world of television.   Period.  (Steve Button, Addison, N.Y.) 

I like!!!


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