On myself as one of Taylor Mali’s examples…and a small recovery

  I’m not sure if you’re familiar with white-bred, incisive beat poet Taylor Mali, but I’ll embed a video of his after these introductory thoughts.  What makes Taylor so funny to many people is how he handles the “likes” and “justs” and “you knows” that interrupt the flow of our thoughts and make us, in his words, “the most aggressively inarticulate generation since, like, you know, a long time ago!”  What makes him so incisive is the last 40 seconds of his following appearance on a comedy show, where he says, “it is not enough simply to question authority, you’ve gotta speak with it too.”

I have several reasons for posting this video, with one being my thoughts above; but I found it so incisive because I can fall into that trap of “aggressive inarticulatism” (if you allow me to use his thoughts to invent a term).  In the last two weeks, I’ve had my local news 15 minutes of fame (or, more accurately, probably 4 min), when two local news channels stopped by to interview members of our church family for our thoughts on the new sanctuary, which included me.  

I’m sorry I can’t post the video from the NBC 29 interview of me, because it’s a perfect example for Taylor.  Here’s the link; to the story, where you can catch a glimpse of what I said, but I think my quote in full was, 

“It’ll be good to, kind of, be back in an area that feels like, you know, a home?  I feel kind of conflicted, because I would really hope that this would just be kind of a gathering place where we have a chance to really learn what it means to be the church.”

I was mortified when I watched it on the news, and that was before I knew about Taylor Mali.

Then, I got a bit of redemption yesterday when TV3 came by, but just a bit, because I still threw in a couple “justs.” Argh! Part of the reason I even said “just” several times yesterday was because my mind was whirring so hard while being interviewed to not say “kind of” or some other inarticulate grunt.  Here’s the link to the TV3 article with embedded video.

And the local newspaper’s (The Daily News Leader) article was great. I really am proud of the work our church family has done together; though by no means is the work done…in some ways, it’s just beginning, as we move away from a focus on the building to using the building as a gathering place for us doing the real work of discipleship.


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