Ohh Galen Myers…


Take care to ignore the idiot in the front left of the picture, if you would, and focus on the older fellow in the back left of the picture. That’s my Grandddad, and he. is. classic! A colorful character, he is. Direct quote from last night.

(Nate is talking as Nate, Doug, and Galen walk outside towards car so Nate and Doug can eventually leave)

(Galen cuts him off after holding out his hand) “It’s raining outside! See you later! Bye.”

(Nate starts laughing at the abrupt goodbye, and Nate and Doug walk toward car, get about 40 feet away)

Galen: “Save your money! And you’d better, because you’re not getting any of mine!”

(Nate laughs until tears well up in his eyes)


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