Monday Links

In a hilarious and sorely-needed interview, David Letterman hammered Paris Hilton time and time again with her prison experience. Even when she stated she was over it and didn’t want to answer any more questions, David kept going, and gave his most incisive thoughts after she quit answering questions. It’s almost like he wasn’t willing to enable her in her life decisions, a life skill her parents could benefit from, I do believe. Here’s the link. Watch her squirm. ‘Bout time someone had the guts.

Meanwhile, Peter King and Jack McCallum continue to be two of the most down-to-earth-yet-inspiringly-great-to-read journalists out there. The first page of Peter King’s MMQB where he dealt with Brett Favre’s resurgence is just great stuff, and McCallum’s appreciation for the great tradition of baseball was shown in his most recent article reflecting on the Phillies and his childhood. In a juiced-up age of baseball, there’s a load of lessons to be learned from the past that can inform the present and the future. One of those lessons is a blue-collar approach to the game that the present-day Phils carry; kudos to my second favorite team on their NL East title.

And while I’m providing links to great journalism, check out this article by Gary Smith on Miami head coach Randy Shannon’s life leading up to this job. While sitting in the bathroom doing *ahem* “#2,” I was reduced to the point of tears to see what Shannon has been through in his life, and how his hard-nosed perseverence speaks to those of his players who’ve grown up in the same inner-city hard-scrabble existence. I don’t agree with what Randy thinks a man should be, but for me to say that would almost be patronizing the depth of pain and struggle he’s been through. I’ve learned a lot about my coddled middle class existence over the past year through intentionally exposing myself to thoughts by persons who either grew up in or have intentionally immersed themselves in situations of desperate poverty, and my former presumptions were shallow and exactly what I hinted at above, patronizing. So please, please, take some time out (the bathroom’s a great place) to read the Smith article in full for a shocking, encouraging, sad, hopeful, yet a bit empty, story.

p.s.  My boys are playin’ defense, it seems. They sacked DMcnabb 12 times; 12 TIMES! And DE Osi Umenyiora had six of them! Eli’s coming around as a leader, Derrick Ward’s a nice surprise until the beast man Brandon Jacobs comes back. I’m pleasantly surprised so far. Here’s the link to the game roundup.


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