I know quotes can be boring….buuuuut this one’s worth it


“What girls are discovering, to their infinite heartbreak, is that boys will happily agree to any form of sexual experimentation a girl cares to offer, but will reserve certain honors for the girls who build power the ancient ways.  If you want to a boy to invite you to prom, or to treat you well, or to speak highly of you to his friends, or to spend long hours thinking about how he can work his way into your heart- if what you want from him is courtship, romance, and respect- the very last thing you should do is ambush him with a sexual favor.  That girls no longer know this to the marrow of their bones- that this knowledge comes to them in a slow awakening of misery and shame- is testament to how badly our culture has failed them.”

–  Caitlin  Flanagan, who has researched teenage sexual attitudes

*source The Atlantic Monthly, April 2006


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