Three men speak…

Ever since reading Resident Aliens, I’ve greatly respected this guy as a wise follower of Jesus.

“The modern, essentially atheistic mentality despises mystery and considers enchantment and befuddlement an affront to its democratic right to know–and then use–everything for purposes of individual fulfillment. This flattened mind loves lists, labels, solutions, sweeping propositions, and practical principles. The vast, cosmic claims of the gospel get reduced to an answer to a question that consumes contemporary North Americans, though it’s hardly ever treated in Scripture: What’s in it for me?

Will H. Willimon

In other news, it’s coming. Christians better start some serious thinking right now about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We’re less prepared today and more acculturated as the church than we were between persecutions in the Roman Empire.

Plus, Barack Obama shoots straight about whether he’s “black enough” as a candidate to be the first black President. Scathing answer.


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