The cheater inches closer…

Link here.

Every time he hits a homer I throw up a little bit in my mouth. The classy move would be to retire before he soils the record with his creams and clears, but that would be asking too much from the biggest ego in sports, now wouldn’t it?

Know what sickens me the most? Barry Bonds is the best baseball player in history. And he was before the steroids and HGH. His short-sighted decisions were equivalent to dumping a city’s worth of poo all over his career. He didn’t NEED TO CHEAT!!!! But he couldn’t bear to see McGwire and Sosa the center of attention. Maybe if he respected the game….nah. Too much to ask from someone whose dad and godfather are synonymous with everything baseball used to be about. Hustle, desire, respect for the sport, and love for the game.



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