On the dangers of blind following…

So Pat Robertson’s a “Christian” leader, huh? I’m glad the church is more and more holding him accountable for his words AND his actions, but if there was any consistent pursuit of accountability, broadcasting stations would refuse to run his shows and/or folks would turn their brains on and quit watching his shows…but that sort of thinking could be applied to TBN as well.

You know what I think? I think those of us who know the religious hucksterism (see Steve Martin’s movie Leap of Faith ) being pushed by Pat and the TBN folks should speak out louder and more often about how destructive this sort of “evangelical broadcasting” is to the message of the gospel. I often watch just long enough to either laugh or feel so angry or intensely sad that I want to cry/hit a heavy punching bag, then walk away.

But people watch these guys and ladies and think they’re legitimate. Really.

Do I hold incorrect beliefs? I’m sure. Am I willing to be accountable to others for these beliefs? I endeavor to every day. Am I making millions off others in the perpetuation of twisted beliefs? No, and if I did, I’d have to trade in my soul…

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