Flashback to a little over a month ago…

Let this be an example of hyper-obsession with a certain hobby. The funniest example is at the end of this video. You’ll see what I mean. The flashback title refers to what my friends and I saw upon emerging around 9 at night from a restaurant to find a guy hanging out in a dark alleyway practicing his choreographed moves with his green and blue ridiculously-realistic-looking-and-sounding light sabers. Upon finding an audience in us, he proceeded to stop, step to the side, and pick up a more longish object, and light that baby up. That’s right. Darth Maul. I was speechless, and didn’t know whether to stand in awe at his commitment as he danced and spun with that saber or cry at the amount of time he had poured into that dance.

Get this video and more at MySpace.com
I guess I could use this time to make fun of my friend John Daubert, who heard the “Halo” movie was coming out sometime, and proceeded to scheme about what costumes he and Neil and Fong would wear to the movie, eventually deciding that they would come as a red guy and a blue guy, with the third one being the “flag” that they tried to capture from one another. Yes, John Daubert, Neil Thorne, and Dan Fong. Please make fun of them to their faces.


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