Give it up for MEEEEE!!!!

This is Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, and I have three things to say about these videos before you watch them:
1) If this guy was the CEO of my company, I’d either ridiculously love working for the company (because my CEO doesn’t have to “keep up appearances”) or be incredibly freaked out. Maybe both. I think I’d err more on the ridiculously love side (you’ll see what I mean with the pit stains in the second video), if the company wasn’t Microsoft, a modern-day example of the continual need for anti-trust watchdog organizations.
2) He reminds me of the youth pastor in the movie Saved!, which was a much more incisive criticism of the institution of Christianity than many would be willing to admit. (one great guy whose blog I read said only partly tongue in cheek “If I hadn’t seen the Microsoft logo, I’d have sworn this guy was a worship leader *hehe*), and
3) He dances like every member of my family (including me); it is clear he is white and has zero (maybe negative) rhythm

Here it is in all its glory…as well as a remixed version that includes some of his other work (and the sweet pitstains) you simply MUST see. Oh, how I love Youtube.

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