John Piper is a good man.

And I highly respect him as a leader and a committed disciple of Jesus. And agree with him much of the time (much does not mean all). And this happens to be one of those times. He’s written a good article on the Islam/Christian/Muslim conversation that also digs deeper into his disagreement with NT Wright (another man I deeply respect) on the New Perspective on Paul (NPP). You’ll have to read the article to understand what he’s saying, because I’d like to simply post the link to the article, and if you have a comment or opinion, just post one and we can talk.

I think the article is even-handed and clear. I especially like the yearbook analogy.

Jesus, Islam, Pharisees, and the New Perspective on Paul.


2 thoughts on “John Piper is a good man.

  1. I know…I was just highlighting separate sections of the article.

    The Wright section is when he starts talking about the NPP in the middle of the article; with that bookended by the yearbook analogy.

    Any specific thoughts about the article?

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