Ok, I’m a dork. I admit it.

I admit, I’ve posted nothing of substance for awhile. In fact, I haven’t posted for over a week. One would think this would spur me to some great height of musing.

It hasn’t. But seeing my friend John in Fredericksburg (the guy on the left below) introduced me to the beauty of the mindless game called Linerider.

Plus, Aaron in the picture below was like a kid in a candy store playing the game. But I’m not making fun of him, cause I was too.

And today I found this video. It is here for you. It is awesome. Don’t persecute me for not thinking. I’m sensitive. I may cry. It is called “Jagged Peak Adventure,” and don’t ask me how he got all the other stuff in the picture. Wait for the sweetness at the end. It’s worth it.


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