In the interest of balance…

Here’s the interview of George W. Bush by Matt Lauer earlier this month, where Matt asks him about the CIA secret prisons and techniques used to extract information. Watch and listen carefully to Bush’s responses, and gauge if he handles the issues as upfront and as indepth as Clinton did.

Suggestion. I don’t think he does. Snippets. “So what” “We’re at war” “I’m protecting your family” “I won’t discuss techniques because i don’t want the enemy to adjust.”

I’m trying (and have tried) to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. I’m just really struggling here.

Here’s the link to the video for you to watch. I would urge you to take the same approach I asked of the Clinton/Wallace interview. Both Bush and Clinton responded with intensity. Did both respond with substance and integrity? Honestly now…consider what you heard.


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