Thoughts on avoidance, alcohol, tobacco, and obesity

In keeping with running my own avoidance pattern on posting blogs from my head, I stopped by David Fitch’s (author of “The Great Giveway” pictured to your left) blog this morning, and read an incredibly insightful post on virtue/vice, the development of character, and the strange reality that in many churches that hammer alcohol and tobacco from the pulpit, the vice of overeating is overlooked…even encouraged. Combine that with the fact that your average pastor across the face of this land is heavier than his/her parishioner leads to some interesting thoughts.

Fitch manages to toss some post-postmodernism in there as well. 😉

The post is here.

Happy reading (thinking, and praying).


One thought on “Thoughts on avoidance, alcohol, tobacco, and obesity

  1. Nate,

    I spent some time responding to your comments on my blog tonight. I have to warn you that some of it was in the flesh. Let me justify a bit – I was just about to head to bed when I discovered your comments – so – I would like to play the “tired” card. I am all for good conversation and I usually enjoy the blog world – but sometimes when I get the impression that someone is not approaching me as a mutual brother – I get a bit triggered. Maybe you are the most humble guy in the world and I just took you totally wrong. I myself am a work in progress and I am working on not coming across as a puffed up know it all jerk. But to be honest, about from Jesus in my life, Rob in the flesh is a jerk. Well I best be heading to bed now. Thanks for visiting. Maybe there is hope for fruitful dialog in the future. Enjoy your studies.


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