On the search for community…

Hey all…

I haven’t been the most active in the blog-o-sphere here for a bit because of the beginning of the seminary year, but there’s a GREAT conversation taking place over at Josh Brown’s blog, the one with the sweet name of iamjoshbrown.com/blog. To fill you in a bit on the conversation he started, he has a few friends and compatriots who have found themselves in ministry outside the organized church who have been writing about their stories and struggles. If you go to the main blog page, you can see them all one by one, but the one I’ve gotten involved in is Leslie’s response to Josh’s invitation…

Soooooo, in lieu of (isn’t that phrase only used in funerals? “In lieu of flowers”…anyways) a post on my part, I think your life and your thinking would be tremendously sharpened if you link up with the convo over with Josh and the other ladies and gents. His blog is very substance-driven, he’s not afraid to tackle important issues, and he has inspired a load of thinking for me over the last couple months. This most recent series is a part of that. So feel free to check it out…plus check out a couple of my thoughts as fodder for agreement or disagreement. 🙂


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