U.S. slammed over secret prisons

Link here.

Those of us who are citizens of the United States of America should read these articles and let them sink in. At the risk of sounding unpatriotic, it’s about time something like this should be said:

1)The U.S. is not the Kingdom of Heaven. God is not an American. Christians uncritically endorsing the actions of America globally and domestically need to deal with an obvious case of idolatry.

2)God does not look at the world and see the artificial boundaries of nation-states we set up 300-400 years ago that last to this day. He primarily sees his creation, and secondarily sees those who are faithful to Him and unfaithful to Him.

3)Even if America finds itself as a part of the fallen world system on the side of God’s redemptive action, Christians must hold it accountable to make sure it does not engage in destructive means for the sake of a just end.

4)The aforementioned points (and I’m sure a million more) apply to any modern state.

The secret prisons that I’m sure our “born-again” President knew of and rationalized away are despicable and stand as a fine case of destructive means engaged in to achieve a just end of seeking an end to terrorism. I’m ashamed to be an American today.


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