Deep thoughts from the Tank

I’ve come into contact with a couple in Oklahoma going by the last name Tankersley here recently (Andrew and Jessica), and while kickin’ around on the net today, I read one of Andrew’s posts on his blog. Talk about hitting the nail on the head (at least for me). Andrew’s speaking as a married guy and dealing with how his selfishness (you could insert pride there as well) affects relationships around him, most notably his wife, in a negative way. His willingness to look at the consequences of that shows a willingness to be self-critical in a way many people don’t ever approach. Anyways, I highlight this because the issue of pride and selfishness is one I’m deeply dealing with as well; as a young, handsome single guy 😉 (you’ll understand that quip when you read his post). I’m dealing with this head-on for three reasons:
1) I need to do the work necessary to subordinate my selfish desires now in continuing preparation for the day when I may get married,
2) I’m learning as a young church leader that in order to give of myself fully to my church community, I must subject my personal whims to the good of the community, and
3) It’s my duty as a follower of Christ to lay my life down at God’s feet and fully submit my life for examination and change.

Anyways, enough about me. Tank’s post is the one that got me thinking. Maybe it will for you too. Here’s the beginning.

Published Friday, June 30, 2006 by Tank | E-mail this post
REPOST ALERT: This is a repost from last December, but it is one of my favorites. I found it today and it helped me see where I have grown in the last six months. My marriage is just now becoming easier and we are learning how to be ‘one’. Anyways here is the post:

Warning: I’m a young, handsome, newlywed. Some of this may not apply to you (if you are single), and some of you are probably years ahead of me, so be forwarned if this bores that socks off of your feet or beanies of your head.

I have been married for going on four months now, which just now strikes me as being 1/3 of the way to a year, that is so crazy. Anyways, it is hard, and when I say hard, I MEAN HARDER THAN HARD. I will stop you now, I’m probably not going where you think I’m going, then again if you are married, you might know all to well where I am going.

The rest of the post is here.

Just as a fair warning…later in the post, Tank makes a point about Christianity in the midst of his marriage analogy that’s a kick in the teeth (a good one, I might add, if a good kick in the teeth exists). A simple reminder we’re not in this ourselves. (hmmm……..makes you think God intended marriage to be an analogy for selfless love and our connection to other followers of Christ)


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