Dark, sickening, but accurate comics…

My friend Ryan first plopped these down on his blog. Here are his thoughts from here:

Cynical. Disturbing. Darkly prophetic. Sadly accurate regarding our humanitarian and diplomatic insufficiency with regard to African conflicts.

It seems Gen. Romeo Dallaire (retired), the U.N. commander in Rwanda, was on point in his book with the analysis that the “superpowers” will turn a blind eye to genocide & humanitarian crises if they occur in the realm of “Black Africa”. While a similar or smaller incident in “White Europe”, such as the Bosnian conflict, will receive exaggerated support from the U.N. and the superpowers. It’s disturbing to me that there is minimal outcry in our country for more action.

My thoughts: I think Ryan’s thought-provoking enough to chew on for awhile. I would add, however, that the expectation would be that the church should rise up in this vacuum and at the very least kick the rhetoric and exposure up regarding atrocities like Darfur, and put our money where our mouth is and grasp some vision for some on-the-ground intervention as the people of God. Call me an idealist.

When it comes to visioning and dreaming, I’m going to post Ron Sider’s address to the Mennonite World Conference in 1984 in three parts for you to look at soon. I wept the first time I read it through…and the second, and the third. Then after that I started thinking about ways to make his ideals concrete in my life and in the life of other followers of Christ.

Here’s another one of the comics, just for the sake of posterity.

3 thoughts on “Dark, sickening, but accurate comics…

  1. Nate,
    My name is Scott and I am a friend of Rebecca Miller’s and she forwarded me to your blog because what you wrote here I almost said word for word to her on the phone today. We need more idealists in the world and I really liked this post.

    It brought to mind a quote by Robert Kennedy that I have on my wall at home “Some men see things as they are and ask, ‘Why?’I dream things that never were and say, ‘Why Not?'”

    Anyway thanks for sharing and I hope you don’t mind if I continue to check your blog out.

  2. nate,

    you are popular in maryland 🙂 figures cause you are a smart guy and have awesome insight!! i’m glad God uses you in unique ways…and i’m sure much more than we blog-readers are able to see. hope things are going well in the good ol’ commonwealth!!

    “B” 🙂

  3. Hey B and Scott,

    Thanks for the comments and the encouragement, and Scott, feel free to stop by ye olde blog anytime.

    I definitely agree with your comment about the need for idealists, Scott. A variety of circumstances has brought me to a leadership role in a church here in Va which has been struggling for awhile. By the grace of God, I feel like this church community is being given the room to dream what it could be again…the process is sometimes rough, but I know one thing. God is faithful, and he expects the same out of us. That can lead to some pretty sweet ventures (Horizon Church anyone?). I would add that along with idealists, we need some folks who can put legs to their dreams to practically move forward. Anyways, I’m looking forward to future conversations.

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