Are you kidding me?

The Left Behind series (fiction, right? right?) is terrible. Terrible writing, terrible interpretation, and terrible for letting people run with it thinking it’s the gospel truth.

Now, the terrible has hit your video game store. See a link to a review here.

To be honest with you, I’m more and more disenchanted with “Christian” producers, directors, and idea-folks trying to harness the machinery of Hollywood and culture for “good.” More often than not, in seeking to be relevant to the greater culture and present a different message, the striving for relevance becomes the end, rather than the means to an end of greater dissemination of the gospel. T.D. Jakes tossed out a movie rated R for significantly different themes than the Passion of the Christ; churches applauded. The Left Behind series has gotten significant readership; people use their form of interpretation as the only one, and we’ve got one of those good ol’ “Late Great Planet Earth” revivals like the Hal Lindsey-ruled seventies.
I’ll give props to the Passion of the Christ and the End of the Spear; beautiful and convicting movies…I’m not trying to say there isn’t a silver lining here.

But now we’ve got a video game where there’s justified violence in the name of the extension of the kingdom. I may be young, but I know enough to know where this is going. Suffice it to say I pin the label on a lot of “Christian” music, books, and movies that my mom told me about Silverchair’s album Frogstomp in the late 90s: GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out. More than ever, those of us who find ourselves in a Christian bookstore have to be extremely discriminating about the things we read, watch, and listen to; and retain the knowledge that more than a few aspects of secular culture carry more significant themes about what Christ would have us be and pursue than whatever’s on the bestseller rack at Family Christian Bookstores.


2 thoughts on “Are you kidding me?

  1. Oh, but you underestimated my inclusion into the mid-90’s music scene. I had little to no knowledge about any specific bands, etc at that point in my life. I was the anti-Matt (speaking of music awareness)

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