Wanna see a good secular critique of church?

I got this link from Bob Hyatt’s blog by way of Mark Driscoll’s Resurgence blog; so here it is, in all its glory…Hank and fam from King of the Hill, fresh from a conflict situation over pews at their church, look around for a new one. Sometimes the best commentaries on Christianity come from those “outside.”


Most ridiculously true quote of most of our individualistic culture?

Lucky says, “Me, I don’t go to church. Church goes with me, I’m worshipin’ when I’m drinkin’ a beer, diggin’ a hole, or fishin’ for trout.”


2 thoughts on “Wanna see a good secular critique of church?

  1. Hey Nate,
    Rebecca Miller sent me to your blog. Hope you don’t mind me stopping in from time to time to read.

    P.S. Bob Hyatt is one of my favorite bloggers out there. He and I have discussed some things in the past about church planting. We both are pastors at very similar church plants even though we are on different coasts. Peace.

  2. Hello back Mark!

    I don’t mind you stopping in to read at all. I’ve been blessed by the blogs of more than a few followers of Christ out there wading through the reality of life here over the last year or so. I bookmarked your blog…you’ve got some incisive, thought-provoking posts. Looking forward to the conversation.

    p.s. Bob is definitely one of my favs as well.

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