my deepest apologies…

I’m probably mostly apologizing to myself right now, because I’m not sure if my somewhat random thoughts are read or appreciated by those who stop by for a sec to check out what’s going through my head, but man! I haven’t written for a while here because of end-of-semester craziness at seminary. I don’t want to be “that guy” who posts once a month or quarterly about whatever my mood is at the time or the fact that the buzzing light in my kitchen bothers me. I want to be a person of substance (who, admittedly, doesn’t ignore the small things in life like that incessant buzzing of the fluorescent bulb), and I promise to be more regular. And if this is only read by myself and my invisible friend Harry, then at least it’s therapeutic for me.

Thanks, Harry, I appreciate you too.

p.s. I’ve changed my opinion somewhat on Anne Lamott… I just finished the book I commented on several posts down, and my thoughts on her approach to spirituality are a bit more positive now. I’ll try to nuance my position a bit here in the next couple days. I’m trying to be more systematic here in working towards my sermon on Sunday.

p.s.s. (or is it p.p.s.?) I get to be a part of dedicating two children this Sunday, maybe another next Sunday, and baptizing five beautiful people making a public commitment to Christ the next Sunday! Now, I admit I may be stuck in my own little world some of the time, but I think each of these events is totally sweet, while also being a call to continued, consistent unconditional love that needs to be expressed on the part of our church community as we seek to be faithful to Christ. The beauty of the journey of following Christ starts somewhere, and is tremendously helped by a community to be accountable to; one where challenge and growth are pursued with all that we are.


One thought on “my deepest apologies…

  1. I hope your semester is finishing up well. I’m not sure what your summer plans are, but I pray that you can take a breather and enjoy some time off.

    Harry’s a cool guy… a little shy, but down to earth.

    Have a good week!

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