On pacifism and radical love…

I’ve been working through discussions with others regarding the life and witness of Tom Fox, the Christian Peacemaker Teams activist (a modern-day martyr) on a website I am a part of called theologyweb.com, and springing from that, I’ve had a rousing discussion with others on the site on the nature of pacifism and nonviolence, and the consistent witness of Christ to this pathway. I’m a pacifist, not because I think it’s common sense, but because Christ has called us as his followers to radical, forgiving

love. The early church’s willingness to walk this path is a tremendous example for us in this day and age (in America) where a commitment to Christ usually means a commitment UNLESS your life is threatened, or UNLESS it seriously disturbs the status quo of your life, or UNLESS it makes you less financially stable, etc. Tom Fox (who happened to live near me, and went to the Summer Peacebuilding Institute at the University where I am at seminary) exemplified this boundless love Jesus called us to that transcends the human bottom line.

Here’s the discussion thread I’ve been on the last several days…I go by GreatWhiteHype2 on this website.


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